About Colour Freak Vintage

I have a vintage clothing shop sharing the same name “ColourFreakVintage”. Here’s the story behind it!

[][] WHY DO YOU NAME THE SHOP “ColourFreakVintage? [][]
I’m obsessed with colours and always try to collect more!
One day I looked at my vintage inventory and realized I’d been buying clothing of many different colours…red, yellow, orange, blue, green, black , white… like kaleidoscope ;P So I think maybe it’s a good idea to open a shop focusing on colourful vintage!

Vintage is timeless, and many of them got good quality on fabric and craftsmanship (those good old days). They are different from mass-produced clothing nowadays.
Every time I look at those over-stocked newly-made garments in sale or outlets I feel super sorry for them!! I always think that garments existing in this world are enough for us to wear for centuries.
I bought my first vintage dress 8 years ago. That was a stunning colourful tribal prints which I never saw before. It’s still in my wardrobe. And I think it will still be there with me for years.

Japan was rich during the “post-war economic miracle” period(60s~1991) and thus had rapid growth in fashion industry. Many high-quality clothing were made during those years.
Those vintage prints,details and fabric qualities are just fascinating me! Plus their cuttings are generally smaller so they’re more ready-to-wear 😉
Japanese vintage can be found easier than European or US vintage here in Hong Kong because of location advantage. I would also fly to Korea or Japan to hunt more when I need to!

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