Momo Wang and her handmade clothing

Momo Wang is a fashion designer from Liaoning , graduated from Central St. Martins, now based in London to continue her fashion creation.

Maybe “fashion” doesn’t describe her creation well, her clothing are beyond the trend that changes every month. I adore her graduation collection. Full of colours, fun and ethnic elements. She up cycles vintage materials. You can feel the true passion and happiness in those clothing.

She tried making everything by herself in this collection (while many students would let professional tailors produce their designs…). These are mixes of knit, crochet, vintage and ethnic inspirations. I admire that she ignores the trend and insists on making clothing that she loves.  I am encouraged by her, truly.

Momo Wang

Momo Wang

Momo Wang

Momo Wang

Momo Wang

Momo Wang

Her own style is inspiring enough…!

Momo Wang

Designer with her recent collection


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