Angel numebers? So many 333, 666, 999 these days….

Angel numbers are sequence of numbers (usually triple) appearing in front of you, which are messages sent from the high spirit.

I see them everyday starting 2 years ago.  At first I saw many 111 and 222. This lasted for quite a long time until I started seeing other numbers.(e.g. 333, 444, 555) I was surprised at first. But after sometimes I took them for granted and just considered them as warm messages from angels.

Though I had some funny experience, for example, once I was on the bus and looking outside of the window. I passed 4 or 5 cars, and each of them contained triple numbers like 222, 888, 333 on their number plates!!! LOL Another day I saw four 888 on 1 street…Once I saw 666 on a car, then 999 on the next, and 333 next….  But I still didn’t really examine the reasons behind them.

Until recently, I see 333, 666, 999 too often. They arouse my attention. Maybe I know the reason why they appear three or more times everyday…I am eagerly looking for a job.

“333 – Decision: You have a decision to make. The decision will lead to either 666, which means you must repeat the lesson again in some other way, or it will lead to 999, which is completion and you have learned the lesson.” – Drunvalo Melchizedek

I am continuously thinking “Angel, do you mean that my next job would either lead me to a situation that I have to learn to resolve the SAME problem all over again(666), or lead me to the right path that I should go(999)?

“You have decision to make.” Yes many indeed! I keep deciding which jobs I should apply… I have applied many. Some I applied because the salary are high, and some I applied because I’m interested in them.  I am tired and feel that I am wandering away from my heart. And I started to think negatively and worried too much for my money flow. Then 666 would appear. 666 is referring to the material world and the imbalance of mind.

On last Sunday, I saw three 666 in five minutes. This scared me. I thought something bad was going to happen. I know why I saw that actually, the minute I woke up that day I started to think of my financial state. I felt angry when I saw the 3rd 666 and was thinking “Well angel do you know what bills are?? You don’t have to pay them but I have to!!!” But then I suddenly felt that I was stupid worrying far too much. So I bought a drink , and go for a walk under the sun and sing. And I was safe that day 😛

What does 999 mean to me? I still got no clue.  “999, which is completion and you have learned the lesson.” I don’t know what kind of lessons I’ve completed… Or does 999 has any other meaning…?

Another numbers I see recently is 888. It’s interesting that I would get a sale from my online shop every time after I saw this number.  Yeah I’m hoping to see encounter more 888…. 😉

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