Recording old Hong Kong through illustration – Stella So

Stella So is a Hong Kong based illustrator. Her style is fun and colourful. I love her witty words 😉 She’s famous for her drawings inspired by the old distracts in Hong Kong. She has illustrated for various advertisements, magazines and cookbooks as well. And she was a columnist with a series called “Diary of an old girl”, telling the world about her funny thoughts on daily life through illustrations.

Among her works, I love the old Hong Kong series the most. I’m drawn to old things as always. And I admire her efforts on trying to record the disappearing historical elements in this ever-developing city. She collected inspirations through taking photos of these old elements and investigating them. I love that she explained each illustration with details. This becomes part of her style too. Each whole page is full of drawings and words. Reading them are like peeking through someone’s private research…ha:D

Basing on reality and adding a scent of imagination, making her illustrations always enjoyable to read. I love studying those details;)

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

An old building in Wan Chai. It’s still here.

Stella So illustration

Combination of a tram and an famous old-styled yum cha hot spot which was demolished in 2009.

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

Trams of Hong Kong

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

Old residential building in Wan Chai.

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

Vintage weighing machine. Made in Sweden. Was made originally for weighing luggage… for unknown reasons they were brought to HK and became an weighing scale for human, in cinemas …

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

Re-imagining  an old residential building in Wan Chai.

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

Another re-imagination of an old building.

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

Lee Tung Street, was also know as the Wedding Card Street because it was full of shops selling Wedding Cards!!! Unfortunately this special street was torn down in 2007…

Stella So Illustrator Illustration

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