Mister Finch and his magical creatures

Mister Finch is a textile artist from Yorkshire. He learned all the skills by himself (I admire that) He had been working in the creative field for years and finally find that sewing is what he loves (Man who can sew is sexy I have to say ;P)

When I saw his works, I was like “Oh I’ve finally found the artwork in my dream!” I encountered his creations while I was learning life path numbers. I loved his works right away and I wondered what’s the number of the artist behind them. I found that… Mr Finch’s life path number is exactly the same as mine…! Maybe that’s why I love his works right away. There’s a connection in some ways. His works touch and inspire me much!! I like him using recycled materials as well. He turns an unwanted carpet or jacket into beautiful things again. Truly amazing 🙂

Despite life path numbers, I’d still love his creatures cause there’s a sensation of healing and calming in them. They’re like quiet tender spirits. I especially love those rabbits and moths. His rabbits, they’re like real and seems they can open their eyes and say hi to you…and then stay quiet again lol And the moths, they have embroidered wings! And their body is hairy and soft I wanna touch them 😛 And these craetiosn are giant in size which make them more surreal and like from the fairyland!

Talking about moths.Some people may find real moths disgusting. But I think they’re beautiful and stubborn little creatures. They chase the light throughout their life. Though it’s their natural instinct and they may not even realize it. But I’m attracted to this attitude…chasing something with all your heart….is just incredible somehow.

Go to join him on facebook!  Mister Finch posts some inspiring videos or photos, and introduces artworks from other artists occasionally.

Official site  – where you can know more about him and find more amazing creatures!!

Mister Finch Moth

Mister Finch moth

Mister Finch rabbit

Mister Finch Rabbit

Mister Finch rabbit

Mister Finch Mouse

Mister Finch Birds

Mister Finch



2 responses to “Mister Finch and his magical creatures

  1. These are amazing ~ so unique, what an incredible imagination. It’s really cool that you mirror his style, and it most likely does have something to do with having the same life path numbers. How cool!
    “Man who can sew is sexy” <- so awesome Anthorea!!! 😀
    I agree that is pretty sexy!

  2. Life path numbers is a good reference for me to know more about myself and others. Sometimes I wonder why I encounter people with the SAME life path numbers all over again…!! There must be a great lesson for me to learn.
    Yeah you agree that man who can sew is sexy! hahaaa! I think they’re real sexy..!! Sewing needs patience, concentration and a tender heart. I think that’s why I’m attracted:P

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