Oh too lovely…..!!!!!

Kotori Kawashima is a Japanese Photographer. He started a project shooting images his friend’s daughter Mirai-chan. Kotori spent times living with her during the project. “Sometimes I stayed with her for a few days, sometimes for a few months. I concentrate observing how she lives in the moment…crying hard, playing hard and laughing hard. I don’t wanna interrupt her nor intentionally make her smile in front of my camera. I just want to capture her real living moments.”

” Just want to capture her real living moments” – this intention is pure enough for heart catching photography. In fact, I’m always touched by natural kids photos. I saw some parents asking their children to pose or smile or teach them how to look at the cameras… this is too odd. I feel bad for them. And kids cannot do that if they don’t feel it. Because they’re true to their hearts. If you want a nice and natural smiley kid photo, better make them happy instead of asking them to look happy…!

Natural photos of little ones are always fun and beautiful. But these photos by Kotori are especially eye catching because of ths incredible cute little girl Mirai-chan!!!  She looks like a cartoon character! I can’t help but smile when I see her apple cheek, serious face and funny expressions 😛

Kotori Kawashima Mirai chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai chan

Kotori Kawashima Mirai chan



Kotori Kawashima Mirai chan

Kawashima Kotori Official Site

Mirai-chan makes me think of Yoshitomo Nara’s illustrated girls, cute but with a little devil in them…ha!

Yoshitomo Nara


3 responses to “Oh too lovely…..!!!!!

  1. Sweet girl, but the one when she’s eating angrily – that looks like compulsive eating. I’d worry where it might lead to in the future! 😉

  2. Yeah that one looks like compulsive eating. But we’ll never know the story behind it : P Don’t know why she often looked angry or serious. Seems like she got an old soul in her…lol But her expressions in that cute face do make me smile 😉

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