Romantic Hurts


Hurts is an English electro-pop band from Manchester, with 2 members, Theo Hutchcraft the singer, and Adam Anderson the synthesist.

Many reviews are comparing them with syth-pop influence such as Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys. But syth-pop is not really my thing I cannot make a comparison between them.

What got me hypnotized are the melody and the vocal! Their songs are very melodic I fell for them fast. Melodic=pop songs? Pop is not a bad thing if it comforts your ears and mind. The vocal is a significant reason of their success. Theo’s voice is clear, elegant and contagious. I was at their gig and I was overwhelmed! The lyrics are indeed not really special but they’re romantic. Some songs do touch me. Yeah sometimes thing don’t have to be complicated, simple things touch you deep.

I really have to say… they’re really good looking!  I love guys with retro combed back hairstyle. They got a successful styling and look like models from magazines. Handsome is nice. They attract you, and then you discover some good music:P

Here’s some songs I love. Their MVs ruin the songs, I don’t really recommend them. So I simply share the sounds.

“Stay” – on the top of my love songs’ list

“Silver Lining” – I love the intro of this song. It’s the first track on their debut, also makes a good intro to the whole album.

“Help” – This song is quiet, and yet so emotional

“Blind” – brainwashing melody

“Heaven” – another brainwashing song. “No matter where I run, there’s something about your love…”

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