What I’ve learned from my dogs

I hadn’t raised a dog until 4 months ago I moved to my new home. Sometimes I still have no clues of their action or what they’re trying to tell me… But I do learn something from them…

1.If they don’t wanna eat, they simply don’t eat!

This sounds like bullshit. But as a human myself, sometimes I still eat when I don’t wanna eat.(Sad huh?) There can be many reasons for that…Oh that looks delicious I wanna eat more! or…oops I’m unhappy I wanna eat more lol lol or… oh I don’t wanna waste those food….blah blah blah. I believe most of us eat more than we really need to. Now I remind myself stop eating when I don’t want to or don’t have to. I’m trying to be good to my body!

2. If they don’t feel well, they go to eat grass and vomit.

I’ve seen them doing this for a few times! I was worried at first, but then I realized that’s the way they heal themselves! Are they born to know that? I wonder…  I believe human should eat less meat when they feel ill !! Or simply eat nothing! Your stomach need a rest.

3. They sit with calmness and grace

They sit and rest if they’re not playing. I’m amazed how calm and graceful they are when they simply sitting on the floor and doing nothing! If you sit with them you will feel the same…I seldom see a human sitting with calmness. We must have something to do when we sit…watching people, playing iphone, reading book, chatting ….maybe we can try to do nothing, just sit there and purely feel the moments. I try to observe what they do all day. They play, they eat, they sit and they sleep. Such a simple life I envy them sometimes…

4. They’re not fear of the ghost! LOL

What? Are you kidding? No I’m not kidding. I really admire them about this!! At night, they sometimes stare at the wall and howl when nothing’s there (in my eyes…). I know they see something. But they’re not afraid! I’m actually scared when I see them doing this cause I’m afraid of the unknown….ghost I mean!… But the dogs simply don’t have this perception. Well I’ve never seen anything yet and I’m afraid… I’m just scaring myself.


This is my little dog “Milk Tea”! I call him that simply because he’s light brown:P He’s 6 months old.

I love watching him sleep cause his poses can be amusing. He loves sleeping with his legs stretching straight.. and he loves hiding on the stone step between the door and gate because it’s cool there in summer! Dogs know how to be good to themselves.


At the top right corner is the older dog “Little black”, again I call him that because he’s black 😛


When he was 3 months old…


He loved that plate and had to hold  it even when he was sleeping.


Cool stone step as a pillow



His favourite new place, the gap between the door and the gate! Cool in summer!


Lazy pose LoL


His tendons seem soft…he can be a gymnast hahahaaaaaa


He even loved sleeping on rubbish shovel…………….


You’re talking about me huh??


I know you’re talking about me…


This is the older dog “Little black”. He’s not little anymore though…he’s 8 years old!! He don’t like taking photos. Everytime I hold a camera in front of him he turns away. And I find that he’s not so photogenic because he’s…all black O.O My photography skill is not that good to show his face clearly….So this is a rare photo.

5 responses to “What I’ve learned from my dogs

  1. I love them!! They’re so cute and sweet!! 🙂
    I also love your observations on what dogs can teach us, that’s so true. It’s interesting to think about how much we can learn from a simple way of being.
    I think we’ve gone so far away from it, because we’re no longer as in touch with ourselves anymore. We are too far in our thoughts and disconnected from our feelings.
    I love this post ~ beautiful thoughts and lovely dogs!! 😀

  2. very cute dogs, and your observations of them are very interesting to read:) I have never raised a dog before but it seems like there is a lot we can learn from them!

  3. Yeah we’re really too far from ourselves…! That’s why I love watching animals. They’re real. They act what they think, they hide nothing! And they know when and how to rest. These are important but we tend to forget them..
    Anyway, thanks for reading !! They’re really cute and nice dogs 😀

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