The most beautiful fantasy world “Iblard”

Naohisa Inoue – A Japanese fantasy painter. He drew series of paintings based on his fantasy universe “Iblard” since 80s and have held numbers of exhibitions throughout Japan. He worked with the famous “Studio Ghibli” for the animation “Whisper of the Heart”.  The beautiful background was drew by him.

The scenery in Iblard are breathtaking and inspiring. In the peaceful Iblard, there’re many flowers, plants, gems and lights, which I love very much! “Iblard” is always colourful and calm this is really my ideal place to live in!!

Here’s his painting process.You’ll be amazed on how he created them! “He almost never sketches or knows what he is going to draw”. This is such good example of letting your spirit fly with inspirations. Ideas come when you concentrate. I guess he’s quite relaxed and calm when drawing. These paintings bring calmness to audience.

Make sure to visit :   !! More paintings are on this website and each of them got description of what it’s about!

Here’re some of my favourite paintings …Click to enlarge and be amazed❤

Naohisa Inoue Iblard

Naohisa Inoue Iblard

Naohisa Inoue Iblard

Naohisa Inoue Iblard

Naohisa Inoue Iblard

Naohisa Inoue Iblard


5 responses to “The most beautiful fantasy world “Iblard”

  1. he is just awesome…look like he has created a heavenly place……like nowhere else just here it is…thanks for the amazing share…keep up the good work!

  2. These are SO beautiful! I absolutely love them. Thanks so much for introducing me to this artist. I hadn’t heard about him before. 🙂 I would love to see these in person.

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