I Want To Design!!

In the process of endless listing I’ve thought of lots of things. “There’re more I can do…What I am listing are “someone’s designs”…Wouldn’t it amazing if I can list a clothing designed by me??”

OK actually I thought of upcycling those vintage clothing but I didn’t have the guts to do so. I was so afraid that I would screw them up. I’m suffering from my perfectionism.  I always feel that someone will hate me if I don’t do perfectly. Actually who’s gonna say something and hate me? ME!! I’m my own worst critic!!

I graduated from Fashion Design. But I never really do something related to fashion until this year.(Yeah I’m selling vintage!) As times go by I don’t think fashion companies will hire me cause I don’t have any experience in the field and I guess they would hire those fresh graduates.

And I really don’t wanna work for those mass-produced company too… Every time I look at those over-stocked garments  in sale or outlets I feel super sorry for them!!I also feel guilty if I buy newly-made clothing. I always think that garments that are existing in this world are enough for us to wear for centuries and centuries.

I’ve decided to tell the world what I’m gonna do. (though not many people seeing this right now I guess)! It’s a good way to push yourself really achieving something because you feel that someone is watching you. Yes I sure needed to be “watched” cause I’ve been working too slow on my goal all these years!  If I’m not being watched…I probably will sit back and think “Oh I’ll design tomorrow”… while there’re many tomorrowssss…….

I totally love vintage and will keep on listing more!!(still loads waiting for me on the hangers!) But I would also start designing. And I will keep the records here!

I wanna encourage you if you wanna start something…just start today! Starting is the most difficult part in my experience. Once you’ve started, you will concentrate on how to make it better!

Or you can look into the mirror and say “________(Your Name), You are a ________!(Designer, Photographer, Artist etc) Remember that!!” Yes I did that last night and thought I looked amusing and I felt embarrassed. But it works!!!

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