Vintage and chic – Joanna Wang

Joanna Wang – a Jazz singer-songwriter from Taiwan. She got a deep voice you can hardly believe she’s only 24. Her voice makes me think of old Shanghai singer…

Below are 3 songs from her 2011’s album “The Things We Do For Love” in which she covered some classics. Every time I listen to her mandarin songs I feel myself going back to old times…

Here’s an English song “Lemon Tree”

She always has a bit of vintage in her style, which I adore! She’d been collecting vintage clothing for years. And she said, “I don’t like “vintage-look” clothing, I only buy real vintage.” I love her saying that cause that’s what I think too!!

The first 3  are the latest images from her new album. I love them! She’d added some fashionable elements which make her looks so cool and chic! Umm I’ve got some new ideas for my shop’s photo shoots..

Joanna Wang

Joanna Wang


Joanna Wang

Joanna Wang

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