Russian Red speaks my mind

Russian Red is an indie singer-songwriter from Spain. Her songs just speaks my mind… How did I discover her? I got a free ticket to her concert back in 2011 :p I didn’t expect much because I normally won’t go to concerts that I’m not interested in. I’m thankful I went ! Or I’ll miss a beautiful voice.

Her second album(which I love the most) – Fuerteventura. It’s about a girl’s mind on love(which is gone…) “I Hate You But I Love You”, “The Memory is Cruel”, “My Love is Gone”, “Braver Soldier”… But her dreamy and sweet voice does comfort my heart. I also love her vintage-inspired style!

“I Hate You But I Love You”- The title speaks it all

“Braver Soldier” – “When a woman loves a man all she is, is loud….Oh won’t she, oh won’t she, oh won’t she….Be braver and solid and stranger to me”

There’re also bright sides in this album – “Fuerteventura” is one of them. She’s so sweet in this video!

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