The Coral And Their MVs









The Coral, an English indie rock band. I cannot define their music type since they got bits of psychedelic, folk, alternative and more…

Here’s one of my favourite songs from them – “Jacqueline”. Adore the guitar the vocal the melody… and the MV!  I watched this over and over again. Every time I watch it I dream about having a trip like that with my friends: sitting on the back of a farm truck heading to the countryside, spending the whole day enjoying music playing cards playing chess wandering or just doing nothing… the main point is a wooden house and a gypsy caravan!! But where can I find a caravan in Hong Kong? It seems impossible…

So I would keep on watching this MV until I get it one day.

“In the Morning” – This is the first song I heard from them. Totally love the refreshing melody! I loved listening to this when walking towards office. It really made me happier. And I think of the colourful brush-stroke style of the music video…




“Secret Kiss” -the psychedelic side of them.




Their MVs are my cup of tea…!

** Again like other bands I love the most, they enter a hiatus and  concentrate on solo projects at the moment…

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